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J. Karl Lipscomb – Dispatch #2

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February 24, 2015

Looking back over the past 10 days, Snow, ice, more snow, thoughts on a grey day, too much time indoors … got me thinking about and working on establishing some kind of routine. Something constant and daily as there has been so much change that I was feeling restless. Even our “daily” meetings were sporadic due to weather problems and schedules.

Then it occurred to me that routine is exactly what we are trying to break out of here, a residency should not be “routine”.  Fresh environment, new stimulus, and change of focus seem to be what it’s all about, certainly something different and out of the ordinary of working in the same old space. By Thursday night I think that we all were ready to let loose a little for our weekly group dinner, I served up a small buffet of Mexican style food and then we went sledding.




For the record, cardboard is fast on snow/ice but you’re just as likely to slide off of the cardboard as you are to make it down the hill still on it.


Ankica Mitrovska – Dispatch #1

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February 16, 2015

Two weeks into the Outpost Residency and I got this amazing studio space made just for my art practice needs with a lot of day light.

my outpost studio
A week ago, before traveling to Huntsville, Al for the installation of my solo exhibition, I was able to spread all 700 of my paper cutouts drawings of cartoony eyes on the floor.

my eyes cutouts
A portion of them became part of the gallery installation in Huntsville, whereas the other portion became part of  the interactive installation in the Community Room in conjunction with the Feb. 14th Outpost Residency walking tours.

solo exhibition

J. Karl Lipscomb – Dispatch #1

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February 3, 2015

With no particular fanfare or ceremony, we start a blog, a running monologue of events, thoughts, and feelings in relation to this wonderful experience that I am having. I start today, not at the beginning (about 2 weeks ago), but today Tuesday February 3rd, just because that is how things came to be. (maybe I’ll try to fill in the blanks later, maybe not)

Yesterday I got my first look at my expanded studio. Late afternoon, Greg came knocking at my door to deliver a key to the area that he found available. So, as the sun was setting and the light just right I opened the door to a dream space, over 800 sq. ft. of wide open 14 foot high ceiling, indoor well lit, corner office, with huge windows! This is as-of-yet unleased retail space on the ground floor; SW corner of building A, south side is all glass (windows & door). West side looks out across the park area and to my delight, just a bit to the North, Holahan’s.

Now to find some materials…


Jeff Broekhoven – Dispatch #1

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February 1, 2015


The dust is beginning to settle at our Outpost here in the Midwest. Welcome to the weekly dispatches from the Outpost Artist Residency Program! We are glad to be sharing highlights from our creative community here at Farmers Park in Springfield, MO, USA.

Why Outpost?

Starting a residency in the Midwest further strengthens the emerging trend of a contemporary art scene that is decentralized from the major arts centers located on the coasts, namely New York and Los Angeles. In essence we are at the front lines, pioneers at the edge of a new art-world frontier; taking place outside of the established major metropolitan centers at a new golden age for art making in America. From our humble Ozark mountain highland outpost we can share what we have already known, that the Midwest is the best!

What’s in Store?

We have many ideas and projects in the works with our resident artists, including temporary and permanent art installations, workshops and market mingles with the farmers market and the greater ozarks community, and the list is growing daily so stay tuned. We are also working on a podcast series to document the startup of a residency program, providing a candid, behind-the-scenes approach to both the exciting and mundane daily activities of launching this program.

We are calling this a beta residency program and everyone involved, artists included, are working together to shape and define the experience. This collaboration aims at creating a unique platform for creative activity here in Springfield, MO, USA.

What Happened This Week?

This is actually the third week of our residency, and the dust has settled enough for us to get into a routine. We meet daily for coffee to keep an ongoing dialogue and sense of community–feel free to drop in and say hello, just contact us through the website! The artists are planning for a series of workshops and public interactions, check out the calendar section of our website. We also celebrated a birthday this week with resident artist Ankica, who shared a homemade meal inspired by her home in Macedonia. Its okay, we had to google to locate it too! The artists will be living and making art at Farmers Park through the end of June, see you out there! Until next week.