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J. Karl Lipscomb – Dispatch #3

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March 18, 2015

Time is flying by! At the end of February, Kenneth presented his workshop on gesture drawing and it was well received.  We had a good turn-out and everyone seemed to enjoy the process, atmosphere, and instruction. Those of you that missed it also missed me modeling for the first time in … well … a while … I won’t say how long ago that was. (I do believe that there are photos of the workshop on the Outpost’s site.)

My first workshop will be this weekend, Saturday the 21st at 1:00 pm. I will be doing a basic introductory to Stack-laminating which is the process that I use to create my large vases. Come join us or just stop in to take a look at the process. The weather forecasts look VERY good, the market will be going “big guns”, and there are several good choices for lunch. I’ve attached a photo of a small maquette that I was playing with in search of inspiration …

Meanwhile, in between these two workshops it feels like a regular circus around here. Once the weather finally broke and we could dependably get out, then the pace quickened to a slow steady run.

March 11th, a friend picked me up and took me to his business where I was given a trailer to load and permission to take “almost anything”. Here are a couple of photos:

Pick 2
Pick 1
That night we had the pleasure of dinner at a Chuck Travers’ house, Jeff left before I remembered my camera, so he is not in this photo. What happened was that his patient (and probably lonely) pregnant wife called about getting some “Moose Tracks” (ice cream aficionados and husbands of pregnant wives all know what Moose Tracks is).

Z Dinner
March 12th, Thursday, we went as a group on another “pick”. This one was a round the counties type spin, courtesy of a couple of the vendors at the Farmers Market that responded so favorably to our plea for “old crap.”  All of us forgot to take photos while we were looking at all the great stuff. But we do have a few that we posed for and maybe Ankica & Jeff will share theirs.

I did talk the crew (which included both of Jeff’s wonderful little preschool brats, just kidding, the kids were angels) into stopping at the MO. Dept. of Conservation’s fish hatchery in Chesapeake on the way back. I just wanted to spend a half hour looking at tanks with thousands of small fish, but I think our guide Allison wanted to make sure that we didn’t miss anything. I enjoyed it and I hope my fellow artists did as well, but I fear that they may not fully trust me now. However, Ankica did have a boat-load of literature and pamphlets when we left, so maybe I didn’t inconvenience them too much. It’s a cool facility.

Now it’s time to head back to the studio, I will try to remember to bring take some current photos … it does not look at all empty anymore.

Ankica Mitrovska – Dispatch #2

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March 8, 2015

The first two weeks of March I was able to step out of the Outpost Residency and travel To Lynchburg, Virginia to install my second solo exhibition of this year. I was not sure what to expect but when I got there, but I instantly fell in love with the city. I was amazed by the wonderful people I met and worked with during my stay, the growing contemporary art scene and the hilly nature of the city. Here are some images:




During my stay I was interviewed by “The Burg Magazine” and ended up featured in the cover story – here is the direct link.

I was present  for the opening of the exhibition on March 6th and gave a gallery talk, and hosted a charcoal drawing workshop on March 7th. The entire journey was photographed and summarized in a photo album created by Riverviews Artspace – here is the direct link.

Kenneth Moore – Dispatch #2

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February 26, 2015

Untitled (A Step Forward):

Untitled (A Step Forward) 2015

This work was inspired by a couple of different elements.  The first being somewhat an homage to one of the artists that influences my current practice, Sol Lewitt.  Another element, and the most prominent being its’ location along with the stage of the residency when it was conceived.  “A Step Forward”, is intended to be a visualization of the public kick off for the Outpost Residency and where the steps all lead to a common ground of coming together with the expectations of stability through the give and take of conversations (located adjacent to our morning meetings) and the transference of information between not only ourselves but the surrounding community.

The Workshop:

The first of a series of workshops started out on a good note discussing the concepts of the gesture and how it is used along with the application of it through practice.  We had a great group of people of all age groups and skill levels.  The atmosphere was relaxed with an enthusiastic energy to learn about some of the fundamental aspects of a studio practice that many artists consider very important to their craft.  I’d like to thank Jeff Broekhoven and J. Karl Lipscomb for taking it upon themselves to model for those attended the workshop.




J. Karl Lipscomb – Dispatch #2

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February 24, 2015

Looking back over the past 10 days, Snow, ice, more snow, thoughts on a grey day, too much time indoors … got me thinking about and working on establishing some kind of routine. Something constant and daily as there has been so much change that I was feeling restless. Even our “daily” meetings were sporadic due to weather problems and schedules.

Then it occurred to me that routine is exactly what we are trying to break out of here, a residency should not be “routine”.  Fresh environment, new stimulus, and change of focus seem to be what it’s all about, certainly something different and out of the ordinary of working in the same old space. By Thursday night I think that we all were ready to let loose a little for our weekly group dinner, I served up a small buffet of Mexican style food and then we went sledding.




For the record, cardboard is fast on snow/ice but you’re just as likely to slide off of the cardboard as you are to make it down the hill still on it.


Ankica Mitrovska – Dispatch #1

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February 16, 2015

Two weeks into the Outpost Residency and I got this amazing studio space made just for my art practice needs with a lot of day light.

my outpost studio
A week ago, before traveling to Huntsville, Al for the installation of my solo exhibition, I was able to spread all 700 of my paper cutouts drawings of cartoony eyes on the floor.

my eyes cutouts
A portion of them became part of the gallery installation in Huntsville, whereas the other portion became part of  the interactive installation in the Community Room in conjunction with the Feb. 14th Outpost Residency walking tours.

solo exhibition

J. Karl Lipscomb – Dispatch #1

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February 3, 2015

With no particular fanfare or ceremony, we start a blog, a running monologue of events, thoughts, and feelings in relation to this wonderful experience that I am having. I start today, not at the beginning (about 2 weeks ago), but today Tuesday February 3rd, just because that is how things came to be. (maybe I’ll try to fill in the blanks later, maybe not)

Yesterday I got my first look at my expanded studio. Late afternoon, Greg came knocking at my door to deliver a key to the area that he found available. So, as the sun was setting and the light just right I opened the door to a dream space, over 800 sq. ft. of wide open 14 foot high ceiling, indoor well lit, corner office, with huge windows! This is as-of-yet unleased retail space on the ground floor; SW corner of building A, south side is all glass (windows & door). West side looks out across the park area and to my delight, just a bit to the North, Holahan’s.

Now to find some materials…