J. Karl Lipscomb – Dispatch #1

February 3, 2015

With no particular fanfare or ceremony, we start a blog, a running monologue of events, thoughts, and feelings in relation to this wonderful experience that I am having. I start today, not at the beginning (about 2 weeks ago), but today Tuesday February 3rd, just because that is how things came to be. (maybe I’ll try to fill in the blanks later, maybe not)

Yesterday I got my first look at my expanded studio. Late afternoon, Greg came knocking at my door to deliver a key to the area that he found available. So, as the sun was setting and the light just right I opened the door to a dream space, over 800 sq. ft. of wide open 14 foot high ceiling, indoor well lit, corner office, with huge windows! This is as-of-yet unleased retail space on the ground floor; SW corner of building A, south side is all glass (windows & door). West side looks out across the park area and to my delight, just a bit to the North, Holahan’s.

Now to find some materials…


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