J. Karl Lipscomb – Dispatch #2

February 24, 2015

Looking back over the past 10 days, Snow, ice, more snow, thoughts on a grey day, too much time indoors … got me thinking about and working on establishing some kind of routine. Something constant and daily as there has been so much change that I was feeling restless. Even our “daily” meetings were sporadic due to weather problems and schedules.

Then it occurred to me that routine is exactly what we are trying to break out of here, a residency should not be “routine”.  Fresh environment, new stimulus, and change of focus seem to be what it’s all about, certainly something different and out of the ordinary of working in the same old space. By Thursday night I think that we all were ready to let loose a little for our weekly group dinner, I served up a small buffet of Mexican style food and then we went sledding.




For the record, cardboard is fast on snow/ice but you’re just as likely to slide off of the cardboard as you are to make it down the hill still on it.


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