Kenneth Moore – Dispatch #2

February 26, 2015

Untitled (A Step Forward):

Untitled (A Step Forward) 2015

This work was inspired by a couple of different elements.  The first being somewhat an homage to one of the artists that influences my current practice, Sol Lewitt.  Another element, and the most prominent being its’ location along with the stage of the residency when it was conceived.  “A Step Forward”, is intended to be a visualization of the public kick off for the Outpost Residency and where the steps all lead to a common ground of coming together with the expectations of stability through the give and take of conversations (located adjacent to our morning meetings) and the transference of information between not only ourselves but the surrounding community.

The Workshop:

The first of a series of workshops started out on a good note discussing the concepts of the gesture and how it is used along with the application of it through practice.  We had a great group of people of all age groups and skill levels.  The atmosphere was relaxed with an enthusiastic energy to learn about some of the fundamental aspects of a studio practice that many artists consider very important to their craft.  I’d like to thank Jeff Broekhoven and J. Karl Lipscomb for taking it upon themselves to model for those attended the workshop.




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